long life to your business

As from today, SITI B&T provides a significant improvement in its after sales services. A new organization, new services and improved support to resolve all plant downtime issues rapidly by providing quality assistance.

After sales services

To protect your investments

Technical Assistance

  • Original spare parts with dedicated warehouse and technical assistance
  • Programmed maintenace
  • 24 hours service availability
  • Customer service
  • Technical trainings
  • Worldwide service availability
  • Spare parts kits

Equipments upgrade

  • Production lines analysis
  • Address sustainability
  • with a modification program
  • Line upgrade and line improvement
  • Roi qualification
  • Technical interventions
  • Web portal

Long life to your business

But not only, we also provide a team of experts that have been trained in-house to assist customers in all technical matters, right up to the evaluation of improvements to outdated systems. By taking advantage of the technological innovations in which we are global leaders, these services can bring older facilities up to the highest possible levels of productivity and make them more environmentally friendly.

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